The Internet Is Falling In Love With A Giant Spider That Looks Like Aragog From Harry Potter

Most of us are at least a little concerned when we see a spider nearby. Even if we don’t have full-blown arachnophobia, we might just not like sharing our personal space with them.

Some people argue that all spiders are creepy, but every once in a while, we see one that is on the border of being cute. Perhaps that is how many people felt when they first saw the picture of this spider posted on Reddit. When they found out more about the story, however, their opinion likely changed.

u/noobshifu69 is the Reddit user who shared the picture of this terrifying spider. They showed the picture in hopes of identifying the spider, but people started freaking out.

What spider is this? Found it in my backyard o.0 from r/sydney

It’s hard to tell from the picture exactly how large the spider is but there is one thing that is sure. People were comparing this spider with Aragog, the spider in the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter novels.

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Although the size is in question, the eyes look adorable. If you happen to be a fan of Harry Potter, you may also recognize that the spider looks a lot like the leader of a giant army of spiders, Aragog.

Most of the Harry Potter characters didn’t care much for Aragog, but that wasn’t the case with the groundskeeper at Hogwarts, Hagrid. He considered Aragog to be a close friend.

One of the people who saw the picture on Reddit said: “Isn’t that the spider from Harry Potter?” Other people jumped in to say the same.

Some people were trying to identify the spider, that they feel is a wolf spider. Wildlife Trusts reports that those spiders are “beneficial neighbors” who help to keep the pests in backyard gardens down.

Some people were even telling the Reddit user to be thankful they found the spider. That matter is up for debate.

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