Watch A Man Reunite With His Dog After Six Years Apart

One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen when we have a dog in our life is to lose them. It might just be an oversight on our part and a moment of indiscretion that allows them to get out of the home or perhaps out of the yard.

Once they enter into unknown territory, they may become disoriented and we have to go looking for them.

Although we can often find a dog that we lost, there are times when our efforts are not going to pay off. As the weeks turn into months, we begin to lose hope that we will ever see our little friend again.

Photo: Facebook/Fulton County Animal Services

That is how Mike Nuanes felt when he lost his dog. But then, he received a call from a shelter that was 1400 miles away from his home.

Mike spoke to Jill Davis from the Fulton County animal shelter and was surprised he was getting the call. After all, how could his dog be at the shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, when he was 1400 miles away?

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He thought that she was mistaken, but then she asked if his dog’s name was Jordan.

Photo: Facebook/Fulton County Animal Services

Jordan was a puppy when he disappeared eight years earlier. The little Shih Tzu was at home when he and his late wife went to a nearby home to have breakfast. Jordan was gone by the time they got back home, and was likely stolen from the backyard.

When Jill from the animal shelter said that a good Samaritan found Jordan as a stray last week and brought him in, he was in bad shape.

According to a post shared by Fulton County Animal Services, he was emaciated, full of fleas, and had patches of fur missing. Fortunately, Jordan was microchipped, so they scanned him and were able to get in touch with Mike.

Photo: Facebook/Fulton County Animal Services

Although Mike was shocked, it didn’t take him long to regain enough composure to say he was going to buy a ticket and fly the dog to Denver.

Before long, Mike was on his way to get his long, lost dog. He brought along all of the essentials, including food and water bowls, food, a leash, and a new collar.

You can see more in this video:

According to Dog Heirs, Mike reported that Jordan was doing well and was getting reacquainted with his brother and the other dogs in the house.

Photo: Facebook/Fulton County Animal Services

It’s so great they were finally able to be reunited after so many years!

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