Man ‘Draws’ Figures With Pigeons By Strategically Feeding Them

Art takes on many forms. But who would have ever thought that art could be created with the help of some pigeons? When we think of pigeons, we probably think about those large flocks of pigeons mulling about in parks and city squares pecking at bits of food on the ground that people have dropped. Or the large swarms of pigeons that gather around someone who is brave enough to feed them.

But one man has done the impossible and has actually come up with a pretty cool concept. He has harnessed the power of the pigeon’s appetite in order to use it for his own artistic venture. And the results are quite captivating. A video was captured which shows just how successfully this man “draws” using the help of live pigeons.

It’s pretty simple. All he does is strategically pick a wide-open space where pigeons are known to gather. Once he has his metaphorical canvas, he can begin. He lays out food on the ground for the pigeons. But he does it in a certain order that allows them to create an artistic outline as they congregate.

Photo: Reddit / u/jcubic

The man uses food spread out in various circles and different arrays in order to get the picture effect that he desires. And that is how his art begins to take form as the pigeons come together to feast on the bits of food he leaves out. And that is how the video below shows a picture emerging of a stick figure.

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The video was shared on Reddit. Once on the social media site, there were many Redditors that pointed out an anomaly in the footage. It wasn’t just pigeons that had joined the pigeon conga line for food. Apparently, there was a random turkey that happened to get in on the action as well!

Either way, it looks like this man has come up with a really cool and fun new way of creating art. I’m sure it’s something that people could get into in public spaces. Check out the video below:

Drawing with pigeons from nextfuckinglevel

Would you ever “draw” with the help of pigeons? Let us know!

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