Man Goes Viral For Bottle-Feeding A Tiny Kitten On The Subway

You never quite know what you are going to see when you are riding the New York City subway system. At times, it’s something that makes you quickly turn in the other direction, but that wasn’t the case when Gillian Roberts was on her way home one day. In fact, she saw something that was so amazing she took pictures and shared them with the world.

What Roberts saw was a man sitting on the subway with a tiny kitten wrapped in a towel on his lap. He was taking care of the kitten in a most adorable way, as he was bottle-feeding the feline.

It was incredible to see someone taking care of such a tiny creature, but what was even more amazing was how tender he was with his little friend.

Rather than just taking pictures and being happy that she saw what she saw, she decided to go up to the man and talk to him.

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According to The Dodo, he told her that he found the kitten in an alley and rescued her. He wanted her to grow healthy, so he was doing what he could.

It was obvious that the little feline loved the man who rescued her and Roberts could see it as well.

She told The Dodo: “The kitten was looking up at him as he fed her.”

She also thanked him for what he was doing for the kitten and it really made her day.

It’s easy to see why this Facebook post went viral. It’s exactly what we all need in 2020.

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