Dad Builds A Hot Tub In His Backyard So The Birds Can Stay Warm During Winter

With 2020 seeing many more of us stuck inside our homes, we’ve been getting much more acquainted with the visitors that hang around our back gardens.

While we may not have paid attention to the birds before lockdown, we’ve probably gotten more in tune with what is happening outside in our backyards. It’s a whole ecosystem out there. And if you’ve been watching the dramas unfolding in your backyard, you’re not the only one.

Loads of other people have been doing the same exact thing. They’ve been more and more invested in the wildlife that live in their back gardens. And some have even started interacting with the wild animals making their lives in the homes.

Photo: Twitter / indigogeek

Some people have had different experiences with their wildlife visitors. One man was inspired to create a picnic bench for the squirrels living in his yard.

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But there was another man who built something quite different for the birds and ducks in his environment, and it was made just in time for the freezing of water.

This man created a hot tub specifically dedicated to the birds and ducks in his area that might need a place to warm up during the cold. And it was an apparent hit with his feathered friends as well. All the pictures and video footage showed off just how popular the warm water spot proved to be.

Twitter user @indiogeek uploaded footage of their father’s creation in making the duck’s hot tub. The Twitter user even shared with followers how they could make a duck hot tub of their own. Could be a great project for a second lockdown.

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