Man Attaches A Camera To His Cat’s Collar To See What He Does All Day

Cats can be quite mysterious and they always seem to be getting into mischief. While dogs are natural people pleasers, cats are more sneaky and wait for the perfect opportunity to do exactly what they’re not supposed to do.

One cat owner named Chris, known on Youtube as Half-Asleep Chris, suspected his cat, Ralph, was getting into mischief while he was alone. He explained in a YouTube video that, although his cat was now an indoor cat, he just knew that he was living some kind of secret life.

He explained that Ralph would spend large amounts of time downstairs in the living room, and as soon as Chris would walk down, Ralph would stand up and “look suspicious.”

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

Rather than sit by and allow Ralph to continue getting into unknown shenanigans, Chris decided to attach a tiny camera, the Insta360 GO 2, to Ralph’s collar so he could see what his feline friend was up to during a 24-hour period.

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He then uploaded his discovery to YouTube for the world to see, too.

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

“I put a tiny camera on my cat’s collar for 24 hours, to reveal his secret life. After GPS tracking him and filming him with secret night-vision cameras, by putting a camera ON Ralph himself, hopefully we can learn more about his top secret cat business, and what he gets up to at night or when he’s alone. I film him eating, sleeping, playing and interacting with Bella,” he explained in the video’s caption.

As it turns out, Ralph wasn’t getting into much mischief at all! He spent most of his day doing usual cat things, like sleeping, staring out the window, and even playing with a bit of string.

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris
Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

Chris did discover that Ralph was eating his houseplants when he knew he wasn’t supposed to, so there was one sneaky thing he was doing.

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

But the biggest discovery he made was that Ralph was actually being bullied by the other cat in the house, Bella!

Photo: YouTube/Half-Asleep Chris

Watch the video footage below:

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