Red Robin Helps Man Through Trauma And The Two Become Best Buddies

I’m not a huge gardening enthusiast myself. But my dad is big into gardening. He always comments on the birds that hang out in the garden with him. It’s not uncommon for many gardening enthusiasts to get acquainted with the birds that hang out in their gardens.

For one English gardener named Tony Putman, he has bonded with a European robin that has come to recognize the sound of his van whenever he pulls into the driveway. Their friendship goes back several years. Tony began working in a garden twice a week and quickly was befriended by the little robin that he named Bob. Tony, a landscaper, was also an aspiring wildlife photographer, so he began to take pictures of the birds and the bees in the garden – but Bob was his favorite subject.

Over the years Bob and Tony have become closer, and the little robin even eats straight from Tony’s hand whenever he arrives at the garden. The 38-year-old landscaper who is from Crowborough, East Sussex has joked in his YouTube video that he’s “basically a walking bird feeder” for the little robin. He added that the bird is very affirmative in what he wants, something that Tony finds endearing. But the best part is that Bob seems to recognize his name.

The friendship with the little bird actually came at a good time since Tony was experiencing a difficult time in life with the illness of two very close friends.

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Tony and Bob have created a very lovely little bond and Tony will often check up on Bob during the winter months just to make sure that he’s got enough food since winter can be a very difficult time for birds.

Back in 2015, Tony began the Facebook page called Putman and Robin. There he posts photographs of the little bird. And Tony enjoys taking photos of his little bird friend Bob since it provides him an escape “to another world.”

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