Man Plays Squid Game-Inspired “Red Light, Green Light” With His Dog

An adorable video has gone viral for showing a clever border collie playing the infamous “red light, green light” from Squid Game with his owner.

In the video, you can see the dog, Pedrusco, slowly sneaking forward while his owner whistles a tune like the giant doll from the popular Netflix series. Suddenly, his owner stops whistling and turns around, and Pedrusco freezes.

Not sensing any movement, his owner turns back around and begins whistling again. The clever pup slowly creeps forward again as he hears the whistle and knows it’s “safe.” It’s not long before the dog’s owner stops whistling and whips back around – catching the dog holding perfectly still.

Photo: TikTok/pedruscobcbm
Photo: Tiktok/pedruscobcbm

After a few rounds, the dog’s owner turns around to find the dog creeping forward on a “red light.” He makes a fake shooting noise, and the game is over. Of course, the man didn’t actually “eliminate” his dog like the people are eliminated in Squid Game. It was all just fun and games, and the dog did incredibly well.

Pedrusco is an almost-two-year-old blue merle border collie living in the Canary Islands. Like any border collie, Pedrusco loves to work and feel challenged, which makes games like this version of “red light, green light,” so fun.

Photo: TikTok/pedruscobcbm

The American Kennel Club notes that border collies are “A remarkably bright workaholic…an amazing dog, maybe a bit too amazing for owners without the time, energy, or means to keep it occupied.” They thrive with direction, a sense of purpose, and plenty of training (even if the training is just for fun!).

Watch the video below:


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