Mama Dog Found Alone In The Woods With 11 Puppies

While out for a walk in nature, it’s not uncommon to see signs of life, like small animals, rodents, insects, etc. However, most people wouldn’t expect to find a dog and her new puppies all alone on the ground, but that’s exactly what one person discovered.

While in a “wooded area,” neat Charlotte, NC, someone discovered a mama dog lying on the ground surrounded by puppies. They immediately texted Angela, the founder of Angela’s Ark nonprofit animal rescue. Angela is used to receiving calls for animals in need, but she wasn’t expecting to find a seemingly healthy mama dog and her healthy pups abandoned and alone in the woods.

Angela arrived at the wooded area and found the mama dog and her 11 puppies. The mama, understandably, looked exhausted which helped the rescue efforts since she seemed too tired to fight back much. Angela shared on Instagram, “much to our surprise, mom (who we had been told was growling at others) let us approach her and load her (11!!) babies into the crate.”

Photo: Instagram/angelas_ark
Photo: Instagram/angelas_ark

She was surprised that all of the dogs seemed healthy and happy, though the mama dog was a bit unsure at first. However, ever so slowly, the mama seemed to lighten and relax a bit.

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Regarding the rescue day, Angela said in her Instagram post, “there are times in rescue when you look back on a day and everything felt strangely meant to be. today was definitely one of those days.”

All 12 dogs seemed to be thriving under Angela’s care and the puppies were growing beautifully. She shared an update on Instagram, saying, “the puppies had a great routine vet visit (and reunion) today! all are healthy and growing just as they should be…it is truly a miracle that these littles ones are doing as great as they are given the position they were in just a few short weeks ago.”

Photo: Instagram/angelas_ark

According to the website, Angela’s Ark has the mission to “rescue, rehabilitate, and raise awareness for animals in need,” without leaving any animals behind. Her efforts “range from wildlife rehabilitation, giving abused and neglected animals a second chance at life, helping with spay/neuter efforts throughout our community, and more.”

Thanks to their mission and dedication to seeing it through, all 12 dogs now have a second chance at life.

Once grown enough, all of the puppies were adopted out into loving forever homes. As for the mama dog, who they named Sky, she had to receive a bit longer care from Angela’s Ark after it was discovered that she had heartworm.

Photo: Instagram/angelas_ark

After five months in care, Angela shared she was available for adoption! You can apply to adopt her at

Watch the sweet video below to see their transformations:

You can follow Angela’s Ark on Instagram @angelas_ark to keep up with her latest work and rescues.

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