Mama Dog Rescued After Fighting Off A Baboon To Protect Her Puppies

The maternal instinct is quite strong, and not just amongst humans. Animals are also more than capable of showing their protective side when it comes to their young.

There is nothing that the mother won’t do to protect her baby, and one mother dog was even willing to fight off a baboon in order to save her puppies from harm.

The dog, Lulu, had been in a terrible cycle of being dumped by her owner every time that she ended up pregnant. Her owner would callously return each time just to collect her puppies in order to sell them off.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

But this time, things were different as she became injured after putting herself between a baboon and her puppies.

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Lulu was quite injured and in need of assistance.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Luckily for Lulu, Sidewalk Specials heard about her plight and they ended up intervening.

Lulu, along with her puppies – Scooby, Sheep, Daphne, and Bananarama – were picked up by the rescue.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials
Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

They were given medical attention, and Lulu was even spayed. Lulu eventually was taken in by a loving new owner, and her puppies are currently in search of forever homes.

Check out the video below:

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