Scared Pit Bull Learns To Trust Humans For The First Time

A mama pit bull, aptly named Mama Bear, had been rescued from a rough life. She’d never known love from humans, only pain.

When she was finally in a safe place, she was still terrified of people. She sat in her kennel, growling at anyone who approached. Rescuers knew they’d need someone special to work with her if they wanted her to learn to trust so they called in Gary from Paws R Made 4 Walkin.

Gary has been a dog trainer for 18 years and is a fierce advocate and lover of “bully breeds.” If anyone could get through to Mama Bear, it’d be him.

Photo: Facebook/Pittie Nation

The first day he arrived to work with Mama Bear, she wanted nothing to do with him. She crouched in the farthest corner of the kennel, hunched over and growling.

Gary spent the first few days just sitting in the kennel with her, mimicking her behavior and giving her plenty of treats. It took three days, but she finally started to come around and take food from his hand – a massive breakthrough.

Photo: Facebook/Pittie Nation

Eventually, she was ready for a walk. Going for a walk in the real world could be so freeing and help Mama Bear to break out of her shell and embrace her trust with humans, and that’s exactly what happened.

Mama Bear was finally ready for a foster home with a kind woman named Monique. The sweet pittie loved her foster brothers and sisters, other pit bulls in Monique’s home.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She even got an application for a forever home and found her perfect match for a family.

Now, she’s living happily ever after. Watch the video below:

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