Malnourished Kittens Rescued From Frontlines Make Full Recovery At Patron Pet Center

Read how your donations are saving the lives of evacuated pets in Ukraine.

Sick and injured pets evacuated from the frontlines by military and brave volunteers are brought to Patron Pet Center to heal and find homes.

The center is caring for hundreds of pets and recently took in two litters of malnourished kittens who were rescued just in time from the heavily bombed Kherson region.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Mary, Henry, and Ford

One litter of kittens arrived alongside their mother who was also in need of medical care. Mama was named Mary, and the kittens are called Henry and Ford. They arrived with ear mites, peppered with parasites, and starving.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The medical team at Patron Pet Center started treated the cats and realized that Mary had several dental issues that would require surgery. She was sent to a local vet clinic to have several teeth removed and the rest cleaned.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Meanwhile, her kittens – who were old enough to be on their own – were treated for parasites, neutered, and vaccinated.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

They regained their strength thanks to your generous donations that provided medical care and nutritious food. The adorable kittens quickly found homes and are thriving with their new families.

Mary is recovering at the center and will soon find a loving home of her own.

Kolya, Fedya, Zhora and Grisha

Four starving kittens covered in parasites rescued from the same area arrived at the center in need of help. Kolya, Fedya, Zhora and Grisha all suffered from a fungal infection and were extremely underweight. The little felines were exhausted after running for their lives.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

A week of antibiotics cleared up the fungal infection and thanks to your generous donations, the kittens are devouring nutritious food and gaining weight.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Once they have regained their strength and reach a healthy weight, they will be vaccinated and sterilized before finding loving homes.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Help Save More Animals

The innovative Patron Pet Center was designed by a veterinarian and architect and no detail was overlooked. The sound-proof kennels allow the pets to relax without hearing other dogs bark. The pets are exercised twice a day and there is even a “gym” where the animals can stretch their legs and get out some excess energy.

The health and happiness of the animals is their top priority. Dogs and cats are given time to decompress after they arrive from war zones and professional trainers work with the animals to help them come out of their shell.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The ultimate goal is to find each pet a loving home. Over 100 pets are adopted each month, which means that the center can take in more abandoned and homeless animals. Even though this is an impressive number of pets finding homes, the center is still over capacity and needs more kennels.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

More pets continue to arrive at the center, which is already over capacity. Join us in helping them build a much-needed second level with kennels for over 200 cats, a quarantine room, cat cafe and library for adopters to meet the available felines, and much more.

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