Malnourished Kitten Makes Amazing Recovery


When a Good Samaritan brought a severely malnourished litter of kittens to Fabulous Felines NWA for care, volunteers were doubtful that the little guys would pull through.

Stuart Little, the runt of the litter, was in especially bad shape. He wasn’t moving when rescuers first found him at the bottom of the crate. They figured it was probably too late, but decided to do what they could to bring him back.

Miraculously, thanks to dedicated volunteers and a serious lust for life, Stuart made a full recovery. Best of all, he’s now found a forever home with a Fabulous Felines volunteer.

From struggling runt to energetic adult, you won’t believe Stuart’s amazing transformation! See it from the beginning in the following slideshow.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Rhea/Fabulous Felines NWA


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