Boy Cat Names: Ideas for Naming a Male Cat

Getting a new kitty can be exciting, but pet parents often find it hard to name a cat, especially a male cat. You want to choose the right name that fits your cat’s personality and you want to make sure the name will fit your kitty as they grow into an adult cat. Whether you decide on a playful name, an old time name or a strong name, whatever it may be make sure it’s perfect for your kitty.

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Choose a Name Based On Your Male Cat’s Personality

In the beginning, kittens are fun and playful so it’s sometimes hard to read their personality. But the more time you spend with your kitty, the more you’ll get to know them and be able to select a name that’s just right. Maybe your male cat is rambunctious or maybe he sleeps all the time. Name your cat based on these personality traits and it’ll fit him for life.

Food Motivated Boy Cat Names

Let’s be honest, new cats love food! There are a lot of name ideas that are food motivated that are likely to fit your piglet of a kitty. Food inspired cat names are so fun. Check out these food inspired names to help name your male cat.

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    1. Beans
    2. Sushi
    3. Pickle
    4. Beefy or Beef Cake
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Kiwi
    7. Snickers
    8. Whiskey
    9. Noddles
    10. Olive or Oliver
    11. Tofu
    12. Wonton
    13. Butters
    14. Nacho
    15. Taco

Playful Boy Cat Names

Boy cats are often playful, especially as kittens. Playful names are always classic and tend to be popular among male cats. Here is some inspiration to help you choose a name for your playful cat.

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    1. Bizzy
    2. Bouncy
    3. Pepper
    4. Franky
    5. Lively
    6. Wilder
    7. Gizmo
    8. Ziggy
    9. Ozzy
    10. Ramo
    11. Remmy
    12. Wally
    13. Bubbles
    14. Pip
    15. Iggy

Celebrity Boy Cat Names

What better way to name your male cat than after your favorite celebrity? If you’re a fan of pop culture or have a favorite actor, maybe naming your cat after a celebrity is the best route to take.

    1. Bill
    2. Bieber
    3. Elvis
    4. Peyton
    5. Bruno
    6. Drake
    7. Eddy
    8. Diddy or Puffy
    9. Leo
    10. Abraham or Abe
    11. Plato
    12. Donald
    13. Brady
    14. Charlie
    15. Billy

Intelligent Boy Cat Names

They say cats are smarter than dogs and maybe that’s true. Many pet owners think their cat is smarter than the average cat and intelligent names are popular male cat names. These names can be classic and contemporary.

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    1. Aristotle
    2. Chopin
    3. Dante
    4. Gunner
    5. Napoleon
    6. Einstein
    7. Sherlock
    8. Winston
    9. Socrates
    10. Edison
    11. Bell
    12. Abe
    13. Albert
    14. Picasso
    15. Elon

Names Inspired by Artists or Songs

If you’re looking for a boy cat name that really has a ring to it, try naming your cat after your favorite song or artist. The world of music is so vast that there are so many original male cat names.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Andriy-Blokhin

1. Garth
2. Chester
3. Frank
4. Elton
5. Prince
6. Biggie
7. Lennon
8. Presley
9. Ringo
10. Benny
11. Yeezy
12. The Boss
13. Axl
14. Cash
15. Chopin

Orange Boy Cat Names

Tabby cats are just the cutest! Orange cats are so common and it’s hard to find a unique name that isn’t already taken. Here’s a list of unique orange male cat names.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Okssi
    1. Ginger
    2. Monte
    3. Rusty
    4. Rufus
    5. Rory
    6. Marmalade
    7. Frito
    8. Zeus
    9. Phenix
    10. Blaze
    11. Harry
    12. Finn
    13. Churro
    14. Ed
    15. Cheddar

Black Boy Cat Names

Black cats always get a bad rep. But really, they’re one of the most commonly owned cats. That’s why it’s harder to choose black cat names. You want to make sure this name is different from all the other black male cats.

Photo: Adobe Stock/vitaliy_melnik
    1. Jet
    2. Cocoa
    3. Comet
    4. Oreo
    5. Loki
    6. Pepper
    7. Dusk
    8. Boo
    9. Bandit
    10. Ninja
    11. Maverick
    12. Storm
    13. Ash or Asher
    14. Moon
    15. Cinder

White Boy Cat Names

When choosing a name for your white boy cat, you don’t have to be basic. There are plenty of original white male cat names that stand out. Does your white cat have blue eyes? Maybe focus on that trait. Does your cat have some other colors on them? Maybe focus on those unique physical traits when naming him.

Photo: Adobe Stock/seregraff
    1. Saint
    2. Olaf
    3. Snow
    4. Angel
    5. Tic-Tac
    6. Powder
    7. Swan
    8. Cotton
    9. Blanco
    10. Coconut
    11. Latte
    12. Azzie
    13. Frosty
    14. Jack
    15. Miko

Grey Male Cat Names

Grey cats can be seen as mysterious and beautiful. Grey cat names can be funny or cute, either way make it unique! Try to name him something that suits him. Here’s a list of some examples of grey cat names.

Photo: Adobe Stock/kassini
    1. Dusty
    2. Earl
    3. Blue
    4. Ember
    5. Greyson
    6. Granite
    7. Steele
    8. Grise (gray in French)
    9. Hippo
    10. Bandit
    11. Hugo
    12. Bruce
    13. Vince
    14. Slate
    15. Jasper

Tips for Naming a Male Cat or Kitten

There are so many important things to consider when picking a name for your new kitten.

  • Make sure your family agrees on the chosen name – Do you have kids? Maybe let them decide on your new pet’s name. Or maybe you and your husband just got this new kitten and you want the name to be something that symbolizes your relationship.
  • Easy to pronounce and spell – You’ll definitely want a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce when you call the vet to make your kitten’s appointments. Try not to make the name too technical.
  • Make sure the name isn’t offensive – You never want to offend someone with the name you choose, so really think it through before you officially give your kitty a name.
  • Choose something that isn’t too common – Think about the other people you know who have animals before you name your new kitten. You want to make sure you don’t copy your friend’s cat’s name or name your kitten the same name as your best friend’s dog. Find a name that isn’t so common.
  • Make it match the other names in your houseConsider other names in your household, does this new name fit with your other animals? Do you have a dog too? Maybe you want your male cat’s name to match your dog. Give them the same first letter or make them rhyme.
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Funny names are great, but will they stand the test of time? Popular cat names can be good, but you also don’t want your cat to have the same name as everyone else. Hopefully these cat name suggestions give your pet a well thought out name. It’s an important process and it’s a good idea to not rush when picking out the perfect name. After all, it will be their name for life.

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