Make Hotel Reservations For You And Your Pooch Pal

FK_08HotDog_List_500x400Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your dog on vacation without worrying about dog-friendly accommodations? Well, grab that passport because it’s time to make a trip to Vienna, Austria!

Vienna’s renowned Hotel Sacher now allows you to book rooms especially catered for you and your pooch.

Inspired by her love for her French bulldogs, hotel owner Anna Sacher turned it into a Viennese institution with her dogs in mind. She ran it until the 1930’s establishing a strong legacy of harmonious travel for people and pooches alike.

Today, the hotel stays true to Anna’s legacy and love for dogs by providing special facilities for traveling dogs and their owners.

“There are so many guests, especially women, who travel with dogs. They are not big dogs, they are dogs that you can bring on the plane with you in a nice bag,” said current manager Elisabeth Guertler.

Guest rooms include blankets, towels, feeding bowls, and a comfy, cozy basket for Fido. And if you happen to forget your leash at home, don’t fret, as a number of leashes at different lengths and bags to handle your dog’s business are available at the reception desk.

But what if you want a night on the town for just a few hours without your furry friend? Well, Hotel Sacher has got that under control as well. When you need time apart, you are more than welcome to request a “Dog-Sitter.”

To ensure guests are aware of local decorum, Hotel Sacher provides dog-loving visitors with a specially designed guidebook entitled “Sacher Pets – Tierische Etikette,” or “Animal Etiquette.” This guide gives useful hints, tips, and doggie friendly hot-spots for vacationing dog owners.

So pack up that suitcase and don’t forget your pooch pals chew toy for the ride. Dog-loving Vienna is waiting for you!

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