Make a New Year’s Resolution to Volunteer at Animal Rescue Organizations

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Not sure what goals to make for your New Year’s resolutions? Help out at an animal shelter or rescue organization. While these institutions appreciate monetary donations, they depend on volunteers to operate. Here is a roundup of ways you can help out:

Website Design
The good people who run shelters and rescue groups are busy caring for the animals and may not have time to keep their website looking fresh. If you have skills in this area, donate your time to fix up their website. Add pictures of the pets and a calendar of the upcoming events.

If you’re good with a camera then you can take pictures of cats and dogs that are up for adoption. Go the extra mile and try to capture images of them being playful and showing off their true personality. That will go a long way toward getting them to their new home.

Social Media
Some people are naturally talented with social media platforms. Does this sound like you? If so, tweet for your local shelter and volunteer to keep their Facebook page updated. You can also help the organization raise its social media standing without even making a volunteering commitment. Just retweet, favorite and share their posts when you have time.

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