Rescue Bird Helps Family Through A Very Tough Time In Their Lives

A magpie named Penguin fell from a tree when she was just a baby. A little boy, named Noah, found the baby bird lying injured on the grass. It was a long fall and she was lucky to have survived it. If she didn’t get immediate care, she would’ve died by the next day.

The little boy brought her home, and he and his family made a little nest for her and kept her warm in a blanket. They named her Penguin and decided that she could live with them until she was fully healed and strong enough to be let back into the wild.

But they weren’t the only ones doing the rescuing, Penguin came into this family’s life at the right time and rescued them as well.

Noah’s mother, named Sam, had a terrible accident and was told that she’d never walk again. She was bound to a wheelchair and felt like her life was falling apart. Since she couldn’t do many things that she used to be able to do before the accident, she suddenly felt like she was now the worst mom, wife and friend.

But then Penguin came along and changed everything for the better. Penguin essentially saved Sam’s life. Sam felt a wave of new-found confidence. She finally had something she could look after, and she finally realized that she wasn’t as useless as she thought she was.

Once Penguin was better and strong enough, they gave her the chance to fly away and be free, but Penguin decided to stick around and stay with the family. She wasn’t just a bird, nor was she just a pet, she had become a vital part of this family. She went everywhere and did everything with them. She brought so much joy and happiness to the family and helped turn their lives positive again.

She played with the kids, napped in bed with them, and would flap her wings in excitement every time she saw the car pull up in the driveway.

Sam did physical therapy and a lot of exercise and eventually got stronger than anyone expected her to. She was selected on the Australian team for kayaking, and that’s when Penguin finally flew away. It’s like she knew her job there was done.

“I’ve always said she came at the perfect time, and left at the perfect time,” Sam said. “I guess it is, in a weird way, spiritual, almost meant to be.”

Penguin was such a special bird and a huge part of their lives. They rescued her, but then she repaid them in a way that they never imagined would ever be possible.

This story is so unique and heartwarming that the family decided to write a book about it to share their journey with Penguin with the world. Click here to learn more about Penguin and their book.

Watch her in the video below:

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