Dogs’ Hilarious Reactions to Magic Trick

Everybody deserves to be able to celebrate the magic of the holiday season, even shelter animals! In order to bring a little holiday cheer to the dogs at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter—and in an attempt to help some of them get adopted—TBS had a special magic trick performed for them. They also filmed a short video of the event and the dogs’ epic reactions to share on social media and help these adoptable animals find their forever homes!

“To help get our animal shelter dogs adopted,” the video begins, “TBS brought them the magic of the holidays to show you how full of life they are. All of these dogs are available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.”

Photo: YouTube/TBS

For this magic trick, our leather-clad Christmas magician, John Stessel, holds a treat in both his hands and calls each dog to him individually, making sure the animal sees and smells the treat. Then he casually makes a small movement with his hands, and the treat disappears in front of the dog’s eyes!

Photo: YouTube/TBS

Each of these pups has a different reaction to watching the treat disappear, and they range from adorable to hilarious (okay, let’s be honest; they’re all adorable and hilarious). Some of the dogs sit and wait patiently for the treat to return. Others walk away in disgust—who has time for this trickery? One cuddles up in Stessel’s lap. But that’s just the tip of the hilarity iceberg.

Photo: YouTube/TBS

Some of these adorable puppers look shocked and confused and start looking around for the treat (and who can blame them?). Others get excited and jump all over Stessel as if to congratulate him on a job well done. One even steals the his festive Santa hat!

All of the animals in this video are up for adoption (if they haven’t been snatched up yet!), and we think showing dogs is a magic trick is the perfect way to get a sneak peek into what their real personalities are like. There’s just no end to the range of emotions and levels of meaning dogs are capable of expressing, and this disappearing treat trick shows off each dog’s true colors!

You know you want to see more dogs reacting to this fabulous trick, and the only way you can do that is if more shelters try it with their dogs. Share this story with your local animal shelter, and maybe they can help some of their pups magically get adopted too!

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