Dog Found Standing By Former Home A Month After It Was Destroyed By Wildfire

A full month after Andrea Gaylord lost her home in the Camp Fire, she returned expecting to find nothing but ash. When she arrived, she broke down in tears.

Her dog, Madison, was there waiting for her, right in front of “what was left of his home.”

According to KXTV, the Anatolian Shepherd was left at the house along with his brother Miguel when Gaylord was forced to evacuate.

Shayla Sullivan, a resident of nearby Citrus Heights found Miguel and returned him shortly after the fires burned down Paradise, California. She thought of a way to locate Madison, too.

Source: Facebook/Shayla Sullivan
Anatolian Shepherd Madison waited for his owner near where his house once stood.

“I had the idea of placing an article of clothing that would smell like her to keep Madison’s hope alive until his people could return,” Sullivan posted on Facebook.

Sure enough, it worked.

Gaylord returned home in December to find Madison waiting for her, standing steadfast next to her former home.

Source: Facebook/Shayla Sullivan
Madison was found about a month after the Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, CA.

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“Imagine the loyalty of hanging in in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. It was so emotional,” Gaylord told KXTV.

Wildfires may have taken her home, but Gaylord is very happy to have her family reunited. Even happier to know her furry friends are so loyal.

“I’m so HAPPY to report that Andrea was allowed to return to her property today and THERE MADISON WAS,” Sullivan posted. “He had stayed to protect what was left of his home, and NEVER gave up on his people! I’m so happy I’m crying as I write this! He didn’t give up through the storms or the fire! A LOOOOONG month it must have been for him!”

Source: Facebook/Shayla Sullivan
The Gaylord family is back together again!

Learn more of this incredible story in the video below.

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