Dog Was Frantically Barking In The Yard, Then His Owner Noticed His Neighbor Lying On The Ground

Mack, a seven-year-old black lab, is a quiet dog who rarely barks. So when his owner, Dave Scott, heard him frantically barking in their Iowa backyard, he knew something was wrong.

Scott sent his daughter outside to see what Mack was barking at, and that’s when she saw his 67-year-old neighbor, Marcia Allen, lying in her backyard, slumped in the mud. All they could see was the corner of her coat, rolling back and forth. It turned out that Allen was having a stroke.

A few weeks have gone by since the incident, and Allen is doing fine. She says one minute she was standing in her yard after letting her dog out, and the next she was rolling in the mud.

If Mack didn’t bark to alert Scott, Allen would have been left out there and could very well have died.

“He was just wonderful,” Allen told “He was a hero. It was like this sixth sense. It was like he was saying, ‘I’m not going to stop until someone comes out here.’”

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