Alaskan Photographer Captures Rare Animal Appearance On His Deck

Living in Alaska is a wild adventure for Tim and Cathy Newton, who are avid nature and animal lovers.

They use their passions to give a glimpse into Rugged Alaska, the name of their website. The landscape and wildlife is astounding, and they capture all their unique moments on camera to share with the world.

Rare and unusual encounters are common for the Newtons, but what happened on their deck surprised them. Tim and Cathy are used to seeing wildlife on their nature hikes, but not this close.

Early one morning in September, Tim was awoken by a noise on the deck. He found a lynx mama and her 7 kittens playing.

Astonished and in awe, Tim grabbed his camera and started taking photos.

The noise of the camera caused the lynx family to scurry off, but not for good. Tim opened the slider door to find mama lynx calling her kittens back for a rare viewing.

Tim states, “SEVEN KITTENS! My camera started to click, and they all looked up to see what that strange noise was! From there, they proceeded to play and frolic on the deck, and then in [the] yard. It was an amazing morning to say the least!”

Seeing a lynx at all is rare, but seeing a mother with her 7 kittens is spectacular. Then two months later, on a snowy November day, Cathy spotted the lynx family on their deck again! She quickly grabbed her phone and started taking pictures and videos in disbelief as the mother and kittens were frolicking in the snow.

Cathy tells Love Meow,”It was fascinating to see Mama playing as much as they were! Five kittens were on the deck playing with Mama, while two were in the yard roughhousing. Tim was not home, but I was able to get a number of videos of them! They are so cute!”

All that remained after their playtime were large paw prints in the snow for Tim to see when he returned home.

What a treat, seeing these rare lynx twice! So why do they keep coming back to the Newtons’ deck? Tim says, “The Lynx are very elusive, and we have rarely seen them. I think our property must be part of their game trail up in the Chugach Mountains.”

The Newtons have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them and are glad the lynx family feels safe to play on their property. They can stop by anytime.

See all the breathtaking photos on Tim’s Facebook Page.

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