Rescue Dog’s Markings Are So Unique That People Think His Owner ‘Drew It With A Permanent Pen’

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It seems that everyone believes their dog is the most adorable and unique dog in the world, but a dog named Lucky may have won the title.

Lucky is 2-years-old and lives in Thailand with his owner, Charice Fca Cha. Although she recently adopted him, he has already stolen the spotlight and become a mini-celebrity around the world.

Photo: TheDodo / Charice Fca Cha

“There are so many reactions. Some people are stunned, excited, surprised. People want to meet him,” Charice told The Dodo.

Lucky went viral after his owner posted a photo on Facebook showcasing his dark arch that resembles a cartoon-like eyebrow.

“Some people think I used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrow or photoshopped his face,” Charice said.

Photo: TheDodo / Charice Fca Cha

But that’s not all! Upon a closer look, you can see that one of his eyes is blue while the other is brown. This is because Lucky was born with heterochromia, a condition which causes each eye to develop different coloring.

Photo: TheDodo / Charice Fca Cha

Despite the fact that he may look more unique than other dogs, Lucky is completely healthy. Charice says Lucky a little underfed when she adopted him, but plans to get him to a healthier weight with a proper diet.

Photo: TheDodo / Charice Fca Cha

“I think we will have a fun and very happy future,” Charice said.

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