Puppy’s Neurological Condition Makes Him Wobble When He Walks, But It Doesn’t Stop Him One Bit

One year ago, Clyde the Siberian husky couldn’t even stand up on his own. Now he manages to run and jump with other pups at the park — because nothing can get in the way of this happy dog living his best life!

Clyde has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes it difficult to control his motor impulses. The disease is similar to cerebral palsy in humans.

Clyde has had the condition since birth. It wasn’t until he was several months old that he met his forever mom, April.

“I adopted Clyde in early 2018 when he was around five to six months old and he struggled to stand up on his own,” April told Caters News.

“Within three to four months he was able to walk more on his own and get up without needing assistance.”

Clyde now attends physical therapy regularly. He still has some trouble balancing, and he’s wobbly when he walks. But that doesn’t stop him from running happily toward his dog pals at the park!

April said she was always planning on getting a dog who needed a little extra support, like Clyde does. These dogs are often abandoned, terminated, or abused by their owners.

“I specifically wanted a dog with special needs because they deserve good homes like any other dog,” April said. “Because I grew up being bullied, left behind and neglected, I felt I understood what they are going through. They deserve a chance to thrive.”

Clyde is thriving, all right. He has a wagon to help him get to and from the park, a bunch of dog pals, and also a ton of human fans around the world.

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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