Puppy Born With Upside-Down Paws May Be Able To Walk Normally One Day, Thanks To Surgeons

Milo the puppy was born with an incredibly rare condition: his front paws were upside down. The condition made it difficult for him to live life normally. But thankfully, he’s now getting the treatment that he needs.

Milo’s breeders surrendered him to an animal rescue organization when he was just 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, this ultra-cute hound was unable to walk because of his upside-down paws.

“We evaluated Milo with our state-of-the-art CT scanner and identified his problem to be congenital dislocation of both elbows,” animal surgeon and professor Dr. Erik Clary told Pix 11. “With both elbows out of joint, Milo was unable to walk. Try as he may, the best he could do was an inefficient and seemingly uncomfortable ‘army crawl.’”

Earlier this month, Milo underwent life-changing corrective surgery at Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital. Dr. Clary said Milo’s “complicated” surgery took about three to three and a half hours. It was all thanks to the rescue group, Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

“For each of his elbows, we had to go into the joint and restore the alignment. Then we placed a pin across the joint to keep it straight while his growing bones continue to take shape and his body lays down the internal scar tissue that will be needed for long-term stability,” the surgeon explained.

Milo also had to wear a splint for three weeks post-surgery to allow his front legs to heal. After that, if his elbows stay in place for the next three weeks, he’ll likely be able to walk normally one day.

“He’s loud, and he’s opinionated but he’s also so sweet and cuddly,” rescuer Jennie Hays said. “He’s just a great little puppy.”

Watch the video to see how Milo is doing post-surgery!

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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