Spiked Body Armor Saves Dog From Coyote Attack: ‘She Was Headed For The Jaws Of Death’

According to a USA Today article from June 2018, more pets are being attacked by coyotes in metro areas, and small dogs are especially vulnerable.

Lindy Perkes was one of the many dog owners concerned about the coyotes and wild animals that howl and prowl in the woods near her property in Kirtland, Ohio. She owns a small rescue dog, Mika, and worried something terrible could happen whenever she took her outside.

Lindy was watching the local news and caught a segment about the CoyoteVest pet armor system — a strange-looking yet effective vest designed to protect dogs from coyote attacks. She quickly went online and bought one for Mika.

KTXL reports:

“The Coyote Vest Pet Armor System was invented by a California couple after one of their own small dogs was killed by a coyote at a busy dog park.

“The lightweight Kevlar vest costs about $100 and has metal spikes and long flexible whiskers positioned where coyotes and birds of prey are known to strike.

“Veterinarian Dr. Gretchen Zarle [said]… ‘It’s designed to slow down the attacks so the human has time to react, might be golden, lifesaving few minutes.’”

One day, Lindy brought Mika outside to the front yard when a coyote came running straight toward the adorable pup.

Luckily, Mika was wearing her vest at the time.

“She would not have made it; there’s just no way,” Lindy told WJW Cleveland. “She was headed for the jaws of death, literally.”

In an attack that lasted less than a minute, Lindy saw Mika’s life flash before her eyes.

But then a miracle happened. Learn more in the video.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland.

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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