Dog Vanishes After Deadly Car Crash. Two Months Later, A Stranger Says She’s Under The Blue Tarp

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

Rose thought she’d lost her best friend. She was driving her RV through the Arizona desert with her two canine pals when her tire blew out. Her vehicle rolled, and one of her dogs was killed. Her other pup, one-year-old Ily (short for “I Love You”), was thrown through the windshield.

Ily survived, but she was so scared that she ran off into the desert without looking back.

Photo: YouTube

Rose was seriously injured from the crash, and she was unable to look for Ily. But her friends weren’t going to write Ily off as gone for good. Teams of volunteers began watching each night with a baited trap, hoping that Ily was okay and would find her way back to Rose.

Photo: YouTube

But weeks passed, and still Ily didn’t show. Many assumed that Ily had succumbed to the scorching desert or had run away for good. But Rose never gave up hope, and volunteers kept watching for her. After two months, volunteers heard a bark.

Two dogs showed up on the baby monitor that volunteers used to keep an eye on the baited cage. One of the pups was Ily! The other dog was a stray that had helped Ily survive the desert. That dog, dubbed “Buddy,” was taken to a shelter to find its forever family.

Photo: YouTube

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Ily had lost half her body weight in the desert, and she’d only managed total dehydration by drinking from water puddles. But other than that was was in good shape, and when she saw rose again, she was just as energetic as any puppy!

Photo: YouTube

Rose is so grateful to have Ily back, and Ily is happy to be back home where the meals are regular and she can nap on the couch! We are so glad that volunteers didn’t give up on Ily, and Buddy will have a new home soon!

Watch the beautiful reunion below!

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