Hero Interrupts His Birthday Party To Save Frightened Dog From River After Walker Got Hit By Car

A dog walker from New York City was on duty when the unthinkable happened: he got hit by a car.

He was knocked over, and he lost hold of the dog’s leash in the process.

The petrified pooch, Harper, got so spooked in all the chaos that she bolted off — and ended up in the East River by the Brooklyn Barge.

Making matters worse was the fact that Harper, 2, had never swum a day in her life.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Castellanos was celebrating his 38th birthday with a group of friends at a bar along the same river.

Suddenly, someone called out after seeing the panicky dog stranded in the water, swimming farther and farther from the shore.

Harper was drifting so far out that she eventually looked like a tiny black speck. There were so many people around, but no one knew what to do.

Photo: YouTube/CBS New York

Good thing Gabriel is trained in water rescues.

Without hesitation, he found a life jacket and leaped right off the pier.

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Lorenzo Fonda quickly took out his phone and started filming the harrowing rescue attempt. At the same time, a police helicopter flew above, and dozens of onlookers stood anxiously along the pier, hoping and praying for Harper’s safety.

Watch the video below to see how this story unfolded. Thank goodness for people like Gabriel.

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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