Little Girl Checks Storm Drain For Her Missing Cat, Finds 7-Foot-Long Alligator Instead

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

Hannah Siler, 12, was searching her neighborhood in Pascagoula, Mississippi, for her missing cat when she glanced down into a storm drain.

Hannah stared into the darkness and saw two yellow eyes staring back at her — but they didn’t belong to her cat. No, they belonged to a massive alligator who was somehow stuck down there in the sewer!

Hearing her screams, Hannah’s next-door neighbor ran outside, peered into the sewer, did a double-take, rushed to snap a photo, and called animal control.

Two officers arrived and made a desperate attempt to trap the massive alligator, but since it was longer than 4 feet, the guys from animal control needed the assistance of professional trappers.

In this harrowing rescue, which was filmed by a student at Mississippi Community College, the men work to pull the alligator up while it wriggles and chomps its gigantic jaw.

They eventually managed to subdue the massive animal.

Authorities say it’s unusual for a gator to get stuck in a drainpipe, especially one of this size — and they had no clue how long it was even trapped down there.

“Thank goodness the child saw the alligator because otherwise it would have died in that sewer.”

Wildlife officials safely released the gator into a river outside the city.

Check out the amazing rescue below!

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