Family Thinks Labrador Is ‘Scared Of Everything’ Until Porch Pirates Come To Steal Mom’s Package

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

Though porch pirates infiltrated her town, Whitney Cahoon thought her particular street was safe from thieves. She and her family live on a busy street in Ogden, Utah, and she figured no porch pirates would dare attempt to steal with so many people around.

Whitney was wrong because pirates recently targeted the packages on her porch. In footage captured by her doorbell camera, a man is seen dashing up to her front door and swiping an Ikea box right off the porch. He then runs back to the getaway car, which is waiting out front.

But before the driver can escape, a black dog enters the frame. It’s Zero, Whitney’s 9-year-old Labrador — who is usually terrified of everything from plastic bags to the family cats.

Whitney couldn’t believe it when Zero bolted out of the house and went running straight towards the strange man attempting to escape.

As it turns out, Zero isn’t the scaredy-cat his loved ones know him to be. Because on this day, as you’re about to see, this goofy Lab became the hero of the family.

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