Owner Catches Cable Technician Stealing Puppy On Video, Then Uses The Footage To Get Him Back

A distressing situation for a dog owner ultimately wound up having a happy ending.

According to Inside Edition, Melissa Cortez was frantic when she realized that her dog was missing.

Andrew, a 10-month-old pug puppy, vanished one day in late March. Initially, she believed that he must have gotten loose and escaped. But the truth was much more shocking.

Melissa later accessed surveillance footage from a neighbor’s home that appears to show Andrew being stolen. The theft was allegedly committed by a Spectrum cable company technician, who can be seen exiting a van with the company logo, opening the fence to pick up Andrew, and placing the dog back in the van.

“He opens [the gate] oh so cautiously and just enough that he can pull Andrew out,” Melissa told Inside Edition. “Seeing that it was an employee usually people trust into their homes is infuriating.”

The young woman first attempted to contact Spectrum by phone. When no one was able to provide help, Melissa took to the internet, tweeting out the security footage and writing, “Spectrum, one of your drivers took my dog.”

This did the trick; the security footage quickly went viral, and Spectrum snapped into action. Within the day, the company’s security team had returned the little pug to Melissa.

“I was beyond ecstatic to get him. So thankful,” she said.

Spectrum confirmed to Inside Edition that the unidentified employee had been “terminated.” But Melissa intends to also seek criminal charges against the technician who allegedly stole her dog.

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This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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