House Cat Becomes BFFs With Wild Moose

We’ve seen time and time again the fact that friendships can extend beyond species. Sometimes a cat and a dog might become BFFs, other times, a pet becomes friends with a wild animal.

That’s the case with Lovey the moose and Plumps the house cat.

The two have been friends for years, forming a bond after Lovey started coming around Plumps’ house.

Photo: Pixabay/Co_Sch

Plumps’ owner, Dan, shares their life in Alaska on Instagram. He shows plenty of videos and pictures of wildlife that comes to their home, but the most special wildlife in the area might just be Lovey the moose who formed a strong bond with Plumps.

As Dan shared on Instagram, the two miss each other when they don’t see one another for a while. Plumps will sometimes meow towards the forest in hopes that Lovey will hear and come running – and sometimes, that’s exactly what happens.

Dan explained that Plumps will brush against the legs of Lovely, seeking love and attention. The cat has no fear of the massive moose, despite being so small in comparison.

Thankfully, Lovey is also fond of Plumps and goes out of his way to avoid stepping on the cat when he’s underfoot.

What’s even more special is that Lovely will bring her babies around each year and Plumps gets the honor of meeting them!

Dan explained, “Each year Plumps likes to inspect the new calves and extend greetings of friendship.” It’s incredibly sweet, though it seems his friendship with Lovey is the only moose friendship that’s lasted the test of time.

In addition to being friends with Plumps, Lovey has also taken a liking to Plumps’ owner, Dan.

Sometimes Lovely will allow Dan to sit by her while she rests or naps or allow him to pet her.

It just goes to show that friendship and love know no bounds.

You can see more of Lovey the moose and Plumps the cat on Dan’s Instagram, @akshiloh.

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