I Loved You Best, A Poetic Tribute From Your Beloved Pet

Saying goodbye is always hard but it doesn’t have to be hard forever. What will help us through is knowing that we were blessed with all of those memories. Had it not been for them in our lives, we wouldn’t have had those special moments. Their fur to stroke, their nose to kiss. Their warm, loyal bodies beside us.

Yes, we have to say goodbye, but saying hello, in the first place, makes this sad goodbye totally worth it. We are sad, pretty broken really, but to get us through, we have to hold on to the highs that that relationship gave to us (for as long as it did). Ask yourself, would you do it all again, even though you are in pain now? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

The pain of losing your fur child, will never totally dissipate but what will happen is that pain will turn to a sort of comfort knowing we had the pleasure of knowing them in the first place. Now, as our hearts are mending, we can celebrate the blessing that they brought to us, knowing the pain, now, is worth it. Because they loved us best!

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