Rescue Cat Kept in a Cage Her Entire Life Thanks Her Foster Parent with Cuddles

Many rescue stories have sad and difficult starts, but much more have happy endings. This remains true for our dearest Lovebug. Lovebug is a rescue cat who has demonstrated an incredibly kind and loving demeanor. However, this sweet feline hasn’t always been able to express this love, and was rarely on the receiving end of any affection.

Lovebug’s original owner suffered from a mental illness. Perhaps unaware of how cruel it was, or maybe apathetic to the situation as a whole, this owner left poor Lovebug locked away in a metal cage for most of her life. Unable to fully extend her legs, Lovebug was forced to shrink her size and personality down to fit in the confines of this ‘home.’

Photo: YouTube/Furry Nation Salvation

“Cats confined in cages can experience symptoms such as decreased appetite, withdrawal from social groupings, increases in urinary cortisol, decreases in grooming, and increases in the frequency and intensity of attempts to hide,” explained researchers Judith L. Stella and Candace C. Croney. It is unclear just how long Lovebug was forced to remain inside this cage, and if the owner ever showed her physical affection.

Finally, the Furry Nation Salvation was able to step in and rescue Lovebug from this horrid situation. Not only were they able to rescue Lovebug, but they immediately showered her with all the love and affection she needs. Her foster parent, Patty, was able to work towards healing Lovebug’s association with humans, showing her that she can have a safe and loving home still.

Photo: YouTube/Furry Nation Salvation

Patty explains how Lovebug will come up to her and rub up against Patty’s head to show her appreciation. “She’ll do this as long as I let her,” she laughs. Lovebug even shares a bed with Patty’s shepherd dog, cuddling up together on a pillow. Lovebug gives cuddles to Patty every chance she can get, seemingly thanking her for rescuing her from that cage.

Photo: YouTube/Furry Nation Salvation

About a year after Lovebug’s rescue, she was adopted! After hearing her story, the Clarke family drove over 3 hours to pick up this precious kitty, and decided to rename her Libby. “She is full of energy and plays like nobody’s business!” the Clarkes told Furry Nation. “She loves everybody and is incredibly happy. I’m sure she is very grateful to be in a home where she is treated with a lot of love.”

To see more of Lovebug, check out the video below!

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