Here Are 5 Reasons You Need To Celebrate ‘National Love Your Pet Day’

How do you show your pet love? In hugs and kisses? In slobbery smooches? In meticulous grooming?

It’s likely your pet loves you just as much, and there’s no better day to celebrate than on February 20. That’s National “Love Your Pet Day” in the United States. Take the time to enjoy all your canine companion has to offer, grab a treat, go for a walk, or snuggle up with them in their favorite blanket.

If you don’t have a pet of your own, why not love others? There are so many shelter pets around the country, waiting patiently to find their forever homes. A little love from you is all they may need to keep their spirits up.

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How are you celebrating “National Love Your Pet Day?”

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Here are five more reasons to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

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5. Because science

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4. Because all pets need love

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3. Because they’re adorable

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2. Because they’re always there when we need them

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1. Because they love us unconditionally

And if those aren’t compelling enough, see what Chris Evans has to say about his own favorite furry friends.

“We are so lucky to have dogs. We really are so lucky to have dogs,” Evans says. “They are great teachers and they really do show us the best we can be.”

See why in the video below!

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