Landfill Worker Saves Puppy With Deformed Legs Left To Die

I have never understood how people can be so mean towards animals. I’m not just talking about intentionally harming them, I’m talking about being so judgmental in the way that an animal looks.

One little puppy was born with a birth defect that left him completely ostracized by the people who were meant to love him and care for him.

Instead of accepting the puppy for being the beautiful little floof that he is, the puppy’s owners chose to cruelly abandon him.

Photo: flickr/Liz Highleyman

The place that he was abandoned at? A local landfill – discarded like garbage. It was absolutely shocking. The little pup with a deformation would’ve probably died in the landfill had he not been found and rescued by a kind worker.

The landfill worker immediately got in touch with a rescue organization, and rescuer Liza was the first to arrive at the site to help the little pup.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

It was then that it became apparent that the puppy, later named Louis, was abandoned because his former owner didn’t want to have to deal with his deformity. How cold is that?

But luckily for Louis, there were people who cared and who were willing to help him out to overcome his health issues. As a result, he was adopted into the loving, forever home that he deserves.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

We’re so happy to see him living his best life. The little pup definitely deserves a happily ever after.

Check out the video below:

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