A Lost Pet Is Terrifying And Can Leave You Feeling Helpless. Here Are Some Tips To Help Get Them Home Safe!

3. Pick up the Phone


If you can’t find your dog or cat in the immediate vicinity, it’s time to make some calls. Be sure to call any animal control agencies or shelters around your area, and any rescue groups or animal hospitals nearby. Your pet may already be in custody, so prepare a brief but detailed description of him or her.

4. Bust out the Flyersposter

So you’ve searched the neighborhood, called your local animal refuges, and you still haven’t found your pet. It’s time to make a missing pet flyer.

You’ll want to make your flyers simple, consistent, and full of information. If you are offering a reward, definitely advertise that. You’ll want to include things like age, breed, color, weight, and any other features that will be specific to your pet. Include your name, phone number (and maybe a second number just in case), and a recent photo.

Bring flyers to those shelters you just called, put some up around your neighborhood, drop them off at pet shops and grocery stores, post them at parks and on telephone poles — pretty much anywhere that you think your pet might turn up. It may also be a good idea to post the flyer on social networks as well, which can be an effective way to reach your family and friends quickly.

Help Rescue Animals

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