Train Employees Help Lost English Bulldog Find His Way Home

As a pet owner, life is always interesting because you never quite know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Perhaps one of the more stressful things that can happen, however, is for our dog to wander off. In many cases, we find them quickly but at times, they may be more difficult to locate.

Sampson is one of those dogs who seems to love to wander. About a year ago, he was adopted by Mike Frankow who refers to him as being a “good dog,” according to ABC7. He would even take the English bulldog to work, although that is where the problem started.

The dog looks forward to lunch when he gets a walk around the job site. Recently, however, Sampson decided that he was going to do a little more wandering than usual.

Photo: Pexels

Frankow didn’t think that it was too big of an issue, as the dog is often sitting by the van when it is time to go, but this time he wandered a little further.

MTA employees noticed that something was on the tracks near the train station in Southhampton. According to ABC7, Christian back, an MTA employee, said that he first saw the dog near the rails on an embankment. Obviously, a dog is in great danger that close to the train tracks, so they brought him on board. The MTA shared a photo of the dog on their Instagram.

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Photo: Instagram/mtalirr

They gave the dog some water but all Sampson wanted to do was play. They decided to reach out on social media and see if they could find the owner. It didn’t take long before a call came in from Frankow, who was still waiting for his dog on the job site.

He said: “What do you mean he’s on the train, how can he get on the train?”

Photo: Pexels

After enjoying a train ride and being about 40 miles away in Montauk, Sampson was able to head back in the right direction and arrived at the original station around 4:05 PM. The two are back together again, and I think that Sampson will be on a shorter leash from this point forward.

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