Lost Dog Takes A Ride On A Train Before Reuniting With Owner

While Mike Francow was out having lunch in Suffolk County, New York, he was accompanied by his eight-year-old English bulldog, Sampson. However, there was a little bit of a hiccup, and Sampson ended up running off on Mike. Naturally, he was scared that he’d lost his dog forever.

Fortunately, the two were reunited by a train crew who had spotted Sampson by the railway tracks up in the Hamptons.

The train crew of the Long Island Rail Road had seen Sampson nearby the tracks of the Southhampton station around noon. They were able to slow the train and ensure that Sampson was okay.

According to the New York Post, it was engineer Christian Beck and assistant conductor Vinny Fragale who got off the train in order to coax Sampson over to them.

Photo: Wikiemdia Commons

Beck explained to the publication, “As a dog lover, it’s like my worst fear to hit a dog. Luckily it was a section of track where the max speed you can go is only like 40 miles an hour. It was enough time to react and slow the train.”

From there, they got him onto the train and gave him some water and cuddles while they continued the trip to Montauk. They arrived about an hour later and immediately began the search for Sampson’s owners.

They knew that he was most likely someone’s pet, so train conductor, Mike Stabile, took pictures of Sampson and uploaded them to various LIRR worker Facebook groups in order to get the word out and hopefully find his family. In the meantime, the pooch got to make new friends and hang out with some lovely people.

Photo: pxhere

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long to find his way back home. Within 20 minutes of his picture going out on Facebook, his owner Mike stumbled across a post online that a co-worker had shared with him.

He had no doubt in his mind that it was his beloved pup. He even joked that Sampson has a love of riding on trains so there was no doubt in his mind that it didn’t take much convincing to get him on board.

Photo: Instagram/mtalirr

The two of them were reunited a few hours later when the crew’s train rolled back into the Bridgehampton station. While Mike was thrilled to have Sampson back, the scare did serve as a learning moment for the dog owner. He is now going to make sure that Sampson is wearing his dog tags so that any mishaps can be avoided in the future. That is probably a wise move.

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