Lost Dog Found Alive After 9 Days In An Alligator-Filled Florida Swamp

One of the most stressful times for any dog owner is when their dog gets loose and runs away. Hours seem like days and if days happen to go by, you can quickly lose hope.

That is what happened to a family in Belle Glade, Florida when a dog they recently adopted was lost. The New Jersey family that had adopted Theo was visiting Florida and found him in Miami at the time.

According to a post shared on Facebook by Ashley Tirado (Kim), the company they hired to transport their dog home to them in New Jersey was in an automobile accident near the Florida Everglades when Theo got loose. It crashed between Belle Glade and Miami on US 27, and Theo escaped with “a healing eye wound, fresh neuter incision, and no cone.”

Photo: Facebook/Ashley Kim

They talked with FOX 35 News about how Theo chose them and jumped right into their car and cuddled up.

Shelters weren’t open, so they had to stay with him until they could drop him off. Ashley Tirado made sure that she was first in line to adopt the dog after the quarantine ended.

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She said in her Facebook post: “He has a rough past, and we found out from local rescues that his last owner had allowed her child to stab him in the eye with a stick, and then proceeded to dump him in a high abandonment area in Florida.”

Photo: Facebook/Ashley Kim

Tirado wanted to bring Theo to New Jersey and hired a transport company to do it. When there were about 1/2 hour away from the shelter, however, the van ran off of the road, flipped over, and the dog got loose.

Unfortunately, it was a very dangerous area with swamps and alligators nearby.


They started a Facebook group to find the dog and volunteers went out every day.

It took nine days, but Theo was found safe and sound. They wrote on the Facebook group, “We are so grateful for the support Theo has received through this. He is FOUND and FINALLY our tears can be tears of joy!!!”

Photo: Facebook/Ashley Kim

He is in good health, and they are very thankful for the volunteers that supported the effort.

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