Woman Stumbles Upon Special Memorial Wall For A Stray Cat

When you have a special animal in your life, you realize just how much they can mean to you. Of course, any animal we have in our life is special, regardless of whether they are our pet or just an animal that we interact with regularly.

This is something that was seen in a very special way in a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Somebody was walking when they saw a memorial that was set up for a cat.

Photo: TikTok/@loveyouritual

I’ll admit, it might not surprise you much to learn that people wanted to memorialize a feline. After all, cats are awesome and they can really make an impact on our life. This memorial board, however, was special.

Fortunately, she was able to share what she saw on TikTok and it has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Photo: TikTok/@loveyouritual

It seems as if this was a memorial to a cat that belong to someone that had passed away. The neighborhood had been taking care of the cat ever since.

Erin, who posted the video, said: “I just walked up to this house and there’s a memorial for this neighborhood cat — and it says that the family that took care of her passed away and everyone else in the neighborhood just took care of her.”

Photo: TikTok/@loveyouritual

You can pause the video and look at some of the letters that were written about this cat. Obviously, it was more than just a pet, it was a special friend to many people.

Something else that is interesting is the fact that Ms. Bee, which is the name of the cat, was not a house cat. After her human parents passed away, that adorable cat belonged to everyone and touched hearts everywhere in the neighborhood.

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Honestly, I think that all of us would appreciate having a memorial such as this dedicated to us. We hope that we are able to touch hearts but we know that the animal in our lives touches hearts in a special way.

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