Longest-Stay Dog At Michigan Shelter Finds Her Forever Home

A shelter dog who exceeded the record of the longest stay at the Humane Society of West Michigan has finally been adopted!

A 4-year-old pit bull named Kimmy Gibbler has been waiting half her life for a loving family of her own. She was rescued from a dog fighting ring two years ago and called “the most scarred dog to ever come through” the original shelter.

Kimmy was taken in by Humane Society of West Michigan and found a foster family who showed her people can be trusted. The sweet pup thrived in the loving home and started to show her true personality.

She still has the scars from her painful past but refused to let that define her. The playful dog loves to chase a ball and will play fetch for hours. She loves to go for walks and snuggle next to her human in bed.

For nearly two years she waited for someone to pick her….and her patience paid off.

The shelter held “Kimmypalooza”, to help Kimmy find a forever home. They featured daily posts about the energetic dog and all her favorite things.

And it worked!

The shelter was thrilled to announce that Kimmy has been adopted. They posted on Facebook, “Kimmy Gibbler has been adopted! Kimmypalooza has been a success and Kimmy has found her new home.”

They went on to thank her foster family and supporters, “We would like to thank Kimmy’s foster for housing her for the last two years, teaching her how to love, play, care, and be a dog. Kimmy wouldn’t have found her home if it wasn’t for you. This couldn’t have been done without the support of everyone who shared and helped us along the way, so from Kimmy Gibbler and the staff here, thank you!”

She has found a wonderful family who loves her and has a home with a huge backyard to play. A basket full of goodies was sent home with her, but her favorite toy is still her rubber ball.

Her new parents, Carol and Jay Sherwood, shared an update in the comments. “Kimmy says thank you for the amazing gift basket, and for taking such good care of me! I’m with my new family now, and we are doing fine, even though those old people give up after only 4-5 hours of throwing my ball. Hopefully they will do better soon! I love my new yard, too!”

Carol added, “It’s her home, all right! She claimed our bed 30 seconds after coming into the house for the first time!”

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