Lola Goes From Chained And Neglected To Healthy And Loved! YAY!

Lola’s story is one that shouldn’t have to be told. All animals deserve the best lives possible. Yet, there are some sad truths in the world. Some we would rather not talk about.

This beautiful dog was found, chained up FOR EIGHT YEARS. Lola suffered from having a human that just didn’t care. I don’t understand how that works but, sadly, it happens. Lola had a large tumor that needed medical attention. She was chained up, neglected and unloved. Amazingly, she harbored no resentment, no anger, no aggression. Her tail wagged as soon as she saw help arrive (and it hasn’t stopped wagging since!)

Thankfully, Lola was rescued. She received the medical attention she desperately needed AND found a family who worships her. You can see how happy she is now! My heart melts for stories like this one. If you ever see an animal being abused or neglected, contact local authorities immediately. Remember, animals cannot help themselves. They need us to advocate for them!

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