Loki, Dog of Mischief

One animal control officer had to break protocol to save this Dog of the Day — meet the mischievous Loki.



In 2009, while patrolling a local state park as an Animal Control Officer, I came across a cardboard box left on a picnic table. As I approached the box I could hear small shallow whimpering. I opened the box and to my horror I found eight frail little puppies. They were wet, shivering, malnourished, and scared.

I immediately grabbed up the box and rushed them to the vet — I knew they would surely be put down if I brought them to County (as I should have done per protocol). The vet came and examined them and figured they couldn’t be any older than 5 weeks old, but felt that none of them would survive the night.

As we dried them off and tried to make them comfortable, one little pup looked into my eyes, and melted my heart. I could feel his little soul begging me to save him. I knew then that he was the one that I had to have. I felt his little heartbeat as I held him in my hands, knowing his little soul was counting on me to save him, to love him, and to cherish him.

I brought him home that night and, as he lay sleeping, I thought I lost him. He let out a sigh, and it seemed as if he had quit breathing. My heart stopped! I gently picked him up and cradled him, praying. He then opened his sleepy little eyes, then closed them again, and comfortably nodded back off. That was four years ago, and today he is still the sweetest lug nut.

Cheryl (Granny) Erickson
Caseyville, IL

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