Vets Say Owners Are Causing Their Cats “Life-Threatening” Levels Of Stress In Lockdown

For dogs, quarantine has offered the perfect opportunity to spend more time with their people. Case in point: one overjoyed dog even injured his tail from too much wagging.

But cats–those lovably aloof and independent creatures–haven’t found the same satisfaction with life in lockdown. While some felines have truly enjoyed having their humans around, others have been overwhelmed (or even downright annoyed) by their owner’s steady presence at home.

Photo: Pixabay

Now 18 months into the pandemic, vets say felines are experiencing “life-threatening” levels of stress as their owners continue their second year in lockdown.

According to WION News, UK vets came to this conclusion after noticing an alarming surge in stress-related ailments–including blocked bladders, urinary tract issues, and bladder infections–among their feline patients.

Photo: Pixabay

Cats, being creatures of habits, are very sensitive to changes in their routine. Vets reportedly believe this sudden surge in stress-related ailments stems from cats’ growing dissatisfaction with their owners spending too much time at home.

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Fortunately, there are ways you can help Fluffy stay calm and relaxed – even if you’re working from home for the foreseeable future.

Start by creating a safe, quiet place where your cat can chill out and hide when s/he’s stressed. This could include a box (which cats love because they make them feel safe) filled with comforting blankets in a quiet part of the house. This will create a calming, quiet place where your cat can go when s/he’s feeling overwhelmed. Don’t forget the toys and catnip, which also help cats relax.

Photo: Pixabay

Second, place your cat’s food, water bowls, and litter boxes in a quiet place. If you have multiple cats, each pet should have its own food and water bowl, which will help avoid any additional stress that may arise over sharing food.

Finally, get your covid-19 vaccine, which will keep you safe and help restore your cat’s sanity by increasing your ability to safely leave your house, thus treating your pet to some precious alone time.

Read on for more tips to help keep stressed cats cope during this challenging time!

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