A Dying Cat Was Abandoned At A Shelter, But Then A Surgery Saved His Life

Lobstah the cat was born with a deformed paw that resembles a lobster claw (how he got his name), a crooked tail, and no sternum. He was just four months old when they thought he wouldn’t make it, but thankfully, doctors saved his life.

Owners John and Leda Bigelow adopted the two-year-old cat from an animal shelter after he was left abandoned. Because of all of his health problems, he was forced to undergo life-saving surgery and was still in recovery when the couple took him home.

He is now doing great and loving life in his new forever home. He may have a deformed paw, but it doesn’t slow him down at all! Aside from that, he’s just like any other kitty! He loves snuggling in bed, playing with toys, and most of all, receiving all the love in the world from his humans.

Lobstah has become quite the internet celebrity, racking up over 16k followers. You can follow his adventures on his Instagram page, and watch him in the video below:

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