Newborn Giraffe Is Born 6-Feet-Tall, Then Takes First Steps An Hour After Birth

Uzuri, a 19-year-old giraffe, gave birth to baby Lizzy at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa. Standing at six-feet-tall, this baby was one of the tallest giraffes the zoo has ever seen.

Giraffes give birth standing up, so the newborn takes at least a 6-foot drop to the floor once they are born. Thankfully, Lizzy’s birth went well.

Less than an hour after she was born, the adorable newborn was already up and walking, with mom’s guidance, of course! She’s already so big, it’s hard to believe that she was just born!

A week later, bth Uzuri and Lizzy are doing great. Lizzy is very robust and bouncy and is loving her first few weeks of life. She will stay inside since it is too cold outdoors, but is getting plenty of practice walking so that she’ll be ready to run around once spring comes!

Watch her first moments after birth and her first steps in the video below:

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