Little Max

Today’s Dog of the Day is Max, a little chihuahua with a great big heart. Despite suffering from a debilitating medical condition and extreme anxiety, this little pup is living a happy life. Read his touching story.

Max was born with severe scoliosis. It was suggested that he be euthanized at birth. His breeder just couldn’t take his life after seeing how hard he fought, and so he came to live with us at The Mia Foundation. When Max arrived at six weeks old he could barely walk, but we worked his little legs and tried straightening his back several times a day and within a week he was not only walking, but running!

We continued his physical therapy, but as Max grew larger his spine got worse. Then a new symptom occurred. He started having panic attacks. The attacks got so bad that Max was rushed to the vet several times and had to be given oxygen. The oxygen did wonders for him and he was able to quickly recover from the attacks.

We saw several specialists that told me Max’s condition was terminal. They all said it was the worst case of scoliosis they had ever seen. They also said his bones would eventually crush his internal organs. Currently, Max only has one functioning lung, and his ribs and spine are severely deformed. He is one year old now.

We have decided to just let Max finish growing and see what happens. We never hold him, for fear of pushing on his lung and causing a panic attack, but Max and his oxygen tank go everywhere with us. The panic attacks are less frequent now because we are more aware as to what causes them. He is a funny little dog with quite the personality. None of the vets thought he would live this long, yet he is still here and doing very well.

I don’t know what the future holds for Max, but I do know that we should not be so quick to euthanize these animals. If they are happy and not suffering, they deserve a chance at a happy life. They give back so much more than people realize.

Sue Rogers
Hilton, NY
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