He Feels Left Out Because He’s So Small (And Cute). When His Human Sees This, She Does Something AMAZING!

Not everyone makes friends easily, especially if they are shy or feel like an outcast. That’s how this cute little horse feels in Amazon Prime’s new television ad. It’s one of the cutest ads I’ve seen to date! It features an adorable but lonely little horse who feels left out amongst all the regular-sized horses in a field. He arrives in a truck and all of the other horses stare at him and then run away, leaving the little horse standing there all alone.

His owner peeks out the front door of her house and notices the little guy standing apart from the rest of the horses. She feels bad but turns to Amazon Prime for help. With Prime’s one-day delivery, she was able to order something that would help the little guy feel better: a little doggy door, or in this case a mini horse door! Now he can come and go in the house as he pleases, especially if he feels lonely!

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