Little Guy Who Stole Everyone’s Heart!


My mom and I were driving down the country road near our house when I spotted something running behind us. Mom slowed down long enough to catch a glimpse of this little basset hound running behind the truck. We turned into our driveway and stopped, both getting out to see if he had any tags — he hadn’t, but he looked as if he’d been shoved out of a car and down the ditch.

He followed us down our driveway and to the house. We told my dad about him, and that I wanted to keep him as my own. Dad told us “No,” and that we had enough dogs (we already had two). But soon after talking with Dad, he said that if he was here the next day we could keep him. The next day he was still here, sleeping on our porch. We brought him in and gave him a bath, food, and named him Blarney, but he came too Barney (Rubble).

That night we noticed something different about him, but we couldn’t put our finger on it. My mom took him to the vet on Monday while I was at school. It turned out he was mentally challenged. He had water in his brain. The doctor said that he might not live for long, and that he had the mentality of a six- to eight-month old puppy. I had him for 2 whole years — every night after dinner we would chase him around the living and dining room because he got a kick out of it. He made me happy, improved my outlook, and I miss him every day.

Redwood Falls, MN
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