Little Corgi Carries His Blanket Around Everywhere He Goes

Pets know just how to get to our hearts. They have a tendency to do the most adorable things and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we catch those moments on camera.

One dog owner did just that with their little corgi named Yuki.

Yuki, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has an adorable habit of carrying his favorite blanket around everywhere he goes. In fact, he loves his blanket so much that he won’t even put it down to play fetch!

Photo: YouTube/ItazuraYuki

In a video, you can see Yuki holding his blanket in his mouth. His owner is trying to get him engaged in a game of fetch and Yuki is clearly excited.

Yuki’s owner throws a toy and the adorable pup darts after it, blanket still in town. The dog scoops up the toy in his mouth while holding the blanket at the same time and returns both items to his owner.

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Photo: YouTube/ItazuraYuki
Photo: YouTube/ItazuraYuki

They continue the game of fetch for several rounds, Yuki holding onto his blanket the whole time.

“Out of all my corgi’s habits this one is my favorite. His personal favorite is his red towel blanket, blue blankie, and Chubs his big stuffed animal! My Yuki is so cute! Do you hear the pitter patter of his adorable feet?” his owner wrote in the video description.

Watch the adorable video below:

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